Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Airport Life

Things we have learned since we arrived at Logan International Airport last night at midnight (after I watched Red Sox/Yankees with Craig and Heather & Chloe caught "Rise of the Planet of the Apes to celebrate our last night in North America):
  • The floor at the Logan Airport is uncomfortable to lie on
  • Not much happens between midnight and 4 AM, but you can still buy a donut
  • you suddenly become really jealous of people with blankets and pillows
  • power outlets are really, really valuable commodities (ergo why I was lying on the floor)
  • you despise the guy who decided to install chairs with arms on them
After a (somewhat uncomfortable cause the seats don't recline on Spirit Air apparently) early flight to Fort Lauderdale, we are now on our 5th hour of camping out waiting for our plane to Lima. Sadly there is not much positive to report of the quality of our waiting area. Not even a Starbucks. Just taking turns using, charging, and downloading material before our plane arrives. Man I hope the seats recline...

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