Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Au Revoir Canada

To quote Ferris Bueller ....."Time moves pretty fast"....and it's almost time for us to head south and say goodbye to Canada for the next 11 (+/-) months.

Hard to believe that its been 6 weeks. We have lost the innate ability to know immediately what day it is without consulting a watch. I think that's due to us not separating weekdays from weekends anymore (I know - boo hoo). Days feel like one unending stream, instead of groupings of 5 day blocks mercifully interrupted by two days that start with an "S.".

We are realizing that the degree of difficulty on our adventure is about to get raised significantly. No more car, we have to actually pack (and carry/roll - hopefully more roll - talk about money well spent) our (no more than 40 lbs of) stuff, strange languages, no more crashing with family, and no more not having to think about whether what we are eating/drinking will led to any unfortunate occurrences.

Can't wait...

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