Sunday, August 7, 2011

Capitaine America

and no - I did not make a spelling mistake. We are in Montreal and after a smoking hot day getting acquainted with the city, Chloe and I decided to head to the movie theatre to escape the heat and check out Captain America. As a long-time comic book geek superhero movies are must-see entertainment for me, and I see it as my duty to pass my geekdom down to my child.

So we head to the theatre in what I now know is the Latin Quarter of Montreal, figuring that either the movie would have french subtitles or at the very least english. We didn't account for option number 3........dubbed with no subtitles. Sadly my limited french skills were way out of their league, and Chloe said she could understand about 1/2 but they talked too quickly for her french immersion ability to really kick-in.

Luckily it was the kind of movie that you could easily figure out what was happening by the action sequences. But this does give me a good excuse to see it again, as it was awesome!


  1. You've convinced me. Mr.B and I are going as soon as possible. We'll stick with the American version with Canadian subtitles though!

  2. PMan, As a traveller of the world you do realize much of your next 12months you will be experiencing "dubbed with no subtitles." Let's just hope the action sequences help you as much as they did In Captaine America! Bon Chance, jmac