Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Final Push to Truro

For the last few years when people have asked us what we would be doing for our year away we always told them, "we're starting with a drive across Canada to drop off Jessy in Truro, Nova Scotia at Paul's sister Kathy's."  It feels very strange that we've actually arrived at that first big goal!

It is also 1 month since we drove away from Vancouver and we've covered a lot of ground!!  We figured out yesterday that we've had 13 driving days and 17 days of visiting and touring around.  We've stopped in Peachland, Lake Louise, Banff, Calgary, Drumheller, Gillette, West Hawk Lake, Schreiber, Sault St. Marie, Blind River, Huntsville, Canisbay Lake, Fort Erie, Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Hartland, Moncton (non) Magnetic Hill and finally, Truro.

World's Longest Covered Bridge, Hartland, N.B.

As I was doing a rare driving stint Chloe and I decided to stop at Hartland, New Brunswick to check out the world's longest covered bridge. (1282 feet)  We were very proud of ourselves for finding a rare gem and not getting lost.  Paul, the main driver and the only person in our car with a natural sense of direction,  was taking a well deserved nap at the time.  We woke him up as we pulled into Hartland!

Magnetic Hill

The next side trip Chloe and I chose to take was at Magnetic Hill in Moncton, New Brunswick.  Auntie Karen had told us about it and how amazed she was that it actually worked.  After stopping at the white post and putting the car in neutral her car was "magically"(or magnetically) pulled up the hill.  We tried several times (forward, backward, beside the post, in front of the post, behind the post) but,... nada! nothing! rien!  I guess our car, packed with all of the stuff that we have hauled across the country, was just too heavy!

We'll see what we can discover in the the Maritimes for the next 15 days before heading to Boston for our flight out to Lima, Peru.


  1. Your blog is quickly becoming part of my morning coffee ritual,in fact I think I'll cancel my subscription to the Sun

    captain saltchuk

  2. I love 'hearing' about all your adventures. I feel disappointed when I go more than a day without an update! I'm hooked!