Friday, August 26, 2011

A Little Delay

After a wonderful visit with the Gates and a huge weight lifted knowing that Jessy will be well taken care of in her new home, we left Truro yesterday.  We rented a Toyota Camray with Ohio plates and after a slight delay getting across the border (details will follow) and a LONG drive, we have landed at Paul's sister's in Newport, Rhode Island. 

Newport is great and Karen and Craig are, as always, fantastic hosts!  We have decided to extend our stay here by a couple of days due to a little storm called Hurricane Irene that is set to hit the Boston area on August 29th, the day we were supposed to fly out of Boston for Peru.  Karen and Craig have taken all the necessary precautions (bringing in all outdoor furniture, potted plants, etc., stocking up on food and water, making sure there's gas in the b-b-q,...) so we are all set to ride out the storm here.  We have changed our flight and will now be departing on the 31st. 

Did I mention that our little delay will allow Paul to tick off the bucket list item of seeing the Boston RedSox play the New York Yankees at Fenway Park on the 30th?  Our first travel glitch followed quickly by a silver lining!



  1. I'm not sure if you're getting my posts. I'm was thinking about you during Irene. Glad to hear Jesse will like her new temp home. Sorry I missed you on the 29th:). As for Paul...I hope this one doesn't cost a fortune:)))

  2. Jessy is so happy to be with her cousin Taylor and her Auntie Kathy and Uncle Rich.