Friday, August 12, 2011

More Loose Threads- Ottawa version

In Ottawa during the Parliament tour we heard the story of the stone masons who, as a gag, decided to include sculptures of their own faces as part of the design. While they got fired, their legacy lives on. Too bad they weren't better looking dudes.

Spent some quality time at the Rideau Canal watching the boats go through the locks to get to/from the Ottawa River. Totally old-school. The locks are operated by summer students literally cranking on a wheel to open and close the locks

Saw the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. After seeing the Vietnam memorial wall in Washington DC this past Fall it was a surprisingly patriotic moment to see this and watch the associated ceremony with the changing of the guard every hour. Tried to explain to Chloe how these soldiers would not move at all while they were at their post but I don't know if she truly understood.

Did a drive by of the Govenor General's residence at Rideau Hall, 24 Sussex Drive, Stornaway, and various embassies. All very impressive. Apparently kids make the rounds on Halloween, but it takes time to clear security at 24 Sussex and the rumour is the quality of candy is not worth the hassle

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