Friday, September 2, 2011

up all night

Now I now why parents say"don't stay up ALL NIGHT." It's very very very tiring. So here's why we stayed up all night. We had a flight at 5:30 and they told us we had to be at the airport 3 hours before the flight. So we realized there was no point in booking a hotel so we decided to stay up all night. My dad went to a red sox game with my uncle. Me and my mom went to see "Rise of the Planet of the Apes', which was awesome. So we got to the airport at about 12:00 then we saw this sign and it said"all fights before 6:00 have to be there 2 hours before the fight so now we have to stay at the airport for a long time and finally we went on the flight to fort lauderdale...


  1. Hello to all world travellers! Since my husband Craig and I were the last ones to see the intrepid GalMC's I wanted to post a message. When we saw them last before their airport saga they were alive, well and in very good spirits! Of course, we had just put them through a hurricane but hey, what are sisters for! I thought they would be much more tired when they arrived for a few days at our house in Newport, RI but they were energized and good to go. Since they had just done a power travel session across Canada, and were barely tired, I truly believe that they are in great shape to build a village and travel the world..... this is good since this is actually what they are doing....
    We wish them the best of luck in their adventures and yes, I will be happy to store my brother's running shoes while he hikes and sandals around the world. Currently they are still beside my front door and I think it will be a little while before I move them to a closet. This way it seems as though he will be right back..... Best of wishes and lots of love on your grand adventure! Karen

  2. Thanks so much for everything Karen. We couldn't have had a better place to sit out the hurricane than with you and Craig. Hugs to you and Craig and lots of ball throwing and pats to the dogs from us!
    Heather, Paul and Chloe