Sunday, October 30, 2011

Iguazu Falls

Having seen Niagara Falls for the first time this summer, we had the Iguazu Falls in Argentina pegged as one of the sights we wanted to see in South America.  As the location neared and we looked into it a little more, we realized that we didn't have a lot of time so the less expensive bus option was out and it would be too expensive for all of us to go by plane.  In the end the decision was made to send only me (aren't I lucky!!)

Iguazu Falls is in the running to be one of the new 7 wonders of the natural world.  It consists of 275 falls over 2.7 km.  It is surrounded by the lush jungle foliage and is a site to be experienced at least once.

There are a number of ramps and walkways built at the high, mid and low points of the falls.  Once you have paid to get into the park, you can explore the various paths at you leisure or be taken around by a guide if you so choose.  They also have large zodiacs that take you right up to the falls (kind of like the Maid of the Mist but there's no roof and no rain capes to protect you and your clothes from getting completely SOAKED!)  They do provide everyone with a dry bag to put your cameras and any other items that you want to keep dry into.

Fortunately quick dry clothes dry very quickly in the jungle heat!

I had a lot of fun out exploring on my own and I even got to experience staying in a hostel and sleeping in a 10 person multi-sex dorm.  I think once may be enough of that for now, although it did provide me with the opportunity to meet some very nice 18 to 20 year olds from a variety of countries (Germany, France, America, England, Ireland and South Africa were all represented during my time at the Bambu Hostel Mini).

After my brief time away from my family, I was thrilled to return "home" to Buenos Aires (after having an extra night in Iguazu compliments of LAN airlines due to a storm and a flight cancellation) and more importantly to Paul and Chloe.  Home truly is where the heart is!

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