Friday, October 14, 2011

The Middle of the World

As all of us know, Quito is at 0 degrees latitude, right on the equator.

What I did not realize is that, due to GPS technology the location of the line was changed about 12 years ago!  The revised equatorial line is about 240 metres away from the original.  Considering that the first location was originally figured out in 1735, verified in 1936 and then moved slightly in 1979, 240 metres is pretty darn close!!  They have created a great little museum at the actual equator (inti-nan solar museum) that gives information about some traditions of the Andean people who lived in the area, information about people who lived in the jungle areas as well as cool hands-on activities and information about being on the equator.

We saw the "true" line first and were fascinated by the information.  Standing on the equator impressed me more than I thought it would!
Chloe and Paul doing an experiment on the equator.

Later that afternoon we went to the original line.  We pondered how the organization (I am assuming the government) felt about the discovery and subsequent change in the location of the equator.  About 25 years ago they had built a HUGE monument (30 metres tall stone monument with a 5 ton, 4.5 metre globe) and accompanying buildings containing restaurants, souvenir shops, a planetarium and bug museum.
Chloe holding up the world at Mitad del Mundo.


  1. Love the pic of Chloe holding the globe. What happened in the experiment? It's funny how things like being "on the equator" might feel pretty special!:) beautiful couple of days here, warm sunny fall days. Even though I'm not so keen on gardening I planted 250 bulbs today then hot tub and now playing around I'd my new IPad:):)

  2. That experiment entailed one person pushing down on the other's arms. It was much harder to resist the force when standing directly on the equator - weird! Are those bulbs at home or at school? We are also enjoying warm sunny days (although it's spring here!)

    You're in? on? at?
    the middle of the world did that happen?

    You've seen and done more already than most folks do in a lifetime

    and its Spring, truly Fall here, 5 deg last night
    heavy dew and low lying fog over the hsrbour

    excuse me I have to get my atlas out

    take care


  4. Lise is one of your followers as bugaboo but her name isn't showing, she thinks? She try to fix and sign in with her name.

  5. Cathy & Réal - I know we are extremely lame only catching up on your blog now, but very much enjoying it. Seeing the picture of you at the equator monument brings back good memories of when we were there.