Friday, October 7, 2011

To Boldly Go.....

As we completed our epic week-long trip through southern Peru we at last arrived in town of Huacahina. Basically it's a desert town with a surfer dude vibe and sand instead of snow. It really was an experience that words do not paint the proper picture, so I'll leave it to the video to describe:

And once we got done with the ride, it was time to tackle the dunes:

It took us days to get the sand out.....


  1. Thanks for the dune buggy ride !

  2. Hey Paulie, looks like you need a little more practice on the snow board before trying that again!! LOL!
    Greg H.

  3. So, what hurts more? Landing in sand or in snow?


  4. Hrubes - it's harder than it looks. Literally

    bena - I'd land in snow anyday. On my second run the guide was trying to convince me to go straight down on the board. There is not a big enough travel insurance policy invented to make me try that