Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Attack of the Killer Massage Fish

* warning - this post may not be appropriate for readers with feet issues*

In wandering the streets of Siem Reap we again encountered the local "massage fish" that we first glimpsed in Chiang Mai. After a couple of days of avoiding them, we cautiously started to get interested. We would chat up the people who were having a massage and we started to take a closer look at just how big the fish in the tank really were.

For our last night in Cambodia we decided to finally take the plunge. We negotiated a good rate ($1/person, down from the opening $3/person) for 15 minutes of fishy fun. Now all that was left was to actually dip our toes in.

Heather was the first to go while Chloe cautiously (as is her nature) assessed the situation)

Once she dove her toes in, Chloe was able to withstand the massive tickling sensation

Then it was my turn to get my feet wet. Hopefully from this clip you can tell the difference between my feet and Chloe's.

Now it was time to step up and visit the big fish tank. In my defence the fish were very large


  1. Like magnets! Too fun! Just like in Kathrine Lake (but they're not nearly as hungry there). Tegan is getting an idea for the next time she is at the Aquarium!

  2. That is exactly the same shop we ventured to have our feet massaged - I couldn't hold out - Emilia loved it! Bernie and Mattias were in for the big fish - woo hoo, soooo funny