Sunday, January 29, 2012

Vang Vieng not just for the young but the young at heart as well!!

Before coming to Laos we had heard about Vang Vieng being a party town where "young" tourists come to float down the river stopping at the multitude of bars, getting drunk and doing stupid things.

While in Vientiane we saw some postcards of the area and discovered that besides being a party town Vang Vieng is also in a beautiful valley surrounded by striking mountains and a 'blue lagoon' nearby.  We decided that we could deal with the drunken party crowd and, as long as we got up early enough, could probably float down the river in peace and tranquility which, as it happened, is exactly how it worked out!

We stopped off at a local bar to use their rope swing (video
likely coming soon) and their pier for a jump or two.

A relaxing float down the river.  We had it
practically all to ourselves!!
Caving near the river.  Didn't think we'd ever
fit through this small space but we all did!

Blue Lagoon
View from the balcony of our Guesthouse.  


  1. Good to see Chloe's keeping her pier jumping skills up to date. What a fun and beautiful looking place. Who knew that lemonade could be so rewarding!
    By the by, everyone was talking last night about seeing what the travelling you looks like (fully loaded, going from place to place). We love the beach and tourist you, and were interested in what the behind the scenes on the move you looks like.
    Enquiring minds...

  2. Request heard and understood. Post coming soon.