Tuesday, February 14, 2012

....and Hello India!

In planning the India portion of the trip we got some really good advice to utilize the services of a tour company to help allay any culture shock. After our first day in Delhi we are certainly glad that we have!

We arrived late last night and spent a very full day today seeing some of the sights. Here's a sample of some of the things I have picked up from 24 hours (+/-) in New Delhi.

- I'm still not sure whether to call it Delhi or use the "new".
- there are 20 million people in this town. There are only 34 million in the whole of Canada (and yes - I had to look that up). And you do feel the numbers
- there are 3,000 Hindu weddings a day here between November and March (no weddings are allowed between March and November). Big business
- apparently there are 10,000 monkeys living on the rooftops
- the architecture is gorgeous. The sense of spirituality and the concerns for security are also very prevalent. We saw a mosque, the India Gate, the Presidential Palace, Mahatma's mausoleum, and the Swaminarayan Akshardham Cultural centre

- street begging is as forward (little kids holding onto babies knocking on your car window) as advertised
- real India food makes my hair sweat. And is really, really good (at least right now it still is).
- I couldn't drive here.And rickshaw rides can be a bit scary

- monkey's are even funnier in the big city.Especially to travellers.

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  1. Cool. Pretty sure I wouldn't want to be an electrician there! LOL!