Wednesday, February 8, 2012

On the Road (again)

We are nothing but obliging so, as requested by my brother we will attempt to give you a glimpse into a day that does not involve bathing suits, sandy beaches, cultural enrichment or sporting activities.

Travel days are a big part of our lives these days. They occur generally every 3-5 days and can take any variety of forms:

Ferry between Krabi and Ko Lanta, Thailand after
an overnight bus from Bangkok. We were pretty
tired at this point and it was HOT!

We travelled by kayak and truck from Vang Vieng to
Vientiane in Laos. The truck portion of the journey was
much longer, bumpier and dustier than advertised!

Travelling from Siem Reap, Campodia to Pakse,
Laos - very last minute decision but Lao Airlines
was absolutely fantastic! .

Our first overnight train ride took us from
Chiang Mai to Bangkok. Paul didn't have much
leg room to start but once the seats were folded
down and the beds made,.. roomy!!

Sleeper bus from Pakse to Veintiane, Laos. Paul
was thankful that we booked 2 "seats" for him.
In an attempt to use our time and money wisely, we often travel at night for the longer journeys. When we first started we would spend the whole of the next day catching up on sleep which we quickly realized wasn't very wise! With a little more experience we have found that arriving in a new city at 6:00 a.m. means you have extra time in the day to explore, get a hair wash or enjoy a relaxing massage.

Hair washing in Laos is an art - and we even went for the
blow dry this time. What a treat!!
On the road again:
All packed up ready to go. Paul and I
usually roll our pack but have, on only a few
occasions, used the backpack option. Chloe is
proud to be the only true backpacker in the family.

Hopefully this post has managed to fulfill the curiosity of my family and entertained others. Good-night all!


  1. Pmac, are your shoes outside your bag for a reason? J and m Mac l

    1. Because it makes me look like a hip backpacker Dude!