Friday, February 24, 2012

Tales from Udiapur

One of the pleasures of travelling through SE Asia has been experiencing massages from the various countries, all of which are delivered very cheaply (at least by Canadian standards). In Thailand we could get an hour massage for about $5. So we went virtually every day when we were in Chiang Mai. We also experienced massages in Bali, Laos, and even Cambodia ( counting the fish massage).

So when we checked into our guest house in Udiapur and saw the brochure advertising a local spa and saw how cheap the services were we decided to see what India massages were all about. Heather went first and returned thrilled with her experience, as well as the motorcycle ride to and from the studio. I had initially decided to pass, but her exuberance sold me, so I went down to the front desk and booked a trip.

Soon after the same motorcycle dude came for me. After a thrilling ride through the narrow "streets' of the city, we arrived at the studio. I followed him inside and was asked to have a seat. I looked over and saw two women there. At the time perhaps I should have taken this as a sign that neither of them came over to assist me.

Before I knew it the motorcycle dude (MD) came back and beckoned for me to follow him. I turned the corner and found myself in the studio. Just me and him. Should have been hint #2. I can be so thick sometimes.

What eliminated all doubt was when he directed me to remove my clothes. All of my clothes. And lie down on the table.

Yep....MD was a multi-tasker who apparently also doubled as a masseuse.

But now it was too late to bail. I needed to put any North American man-phobia out of my mind and just close my eyes and enjoy the experience. And berate myself for choosing the 60 minute option rather than the 1/2 hour. And not freak out when it became apparent that one of the main elements of India massage was the generous use of massage oil.

Good times...I wonder what massages in Turkey are like?

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  1. Turkish massages are pretty good - if you go to Turkey, go to a hammam and get the full treatment - they will even wash your hair for you. Be prepared though to be made to remove all your clothes, they don't do modesty!
    Sounds like you're having a great time!