Saturday, March 17, 2012

The dubai airport

We had 12 hours in the Dubai airport. From Delhi to Cape Town there was no direct flight so we had to go to Dubai for a 12 hour layover.  Unfortunately the entry visa for the U.A.E costs $250 per person so we were only in the airport. We wondered around the airport for 3 hours looking at the 4 hotels wondering if it's $500 or $1000 per night.  We were also looking at the flight boards counting all the places that we've been that are on there.

Then we went to our gate and started doing whatever it takes to keep our eyes open. At 2:00 am we started doing laps around the airport so we didn't fall asleep. Then another hour went by (and it couldn't have gone by slower) and it was time to board the plane and for us, the 5hrs of sleep we needed.


  1. Hey Chloe! Cool airport game. I'm in one (an airport) now, but not nearly as cool as yours (or maybe not as hot!). We've got flights to Mexico City (about the most exotic) from our area of the airport (San Diego).
    We were thinking of you when we saw the elephants at the zoo (we were also thinking of you when we saw pretty well every other animal there, cause you've seen pretty much all of them in their natural habitat!)

  2. Hi Chloe - Pretty cool to see the board and count off all the places you've been to! Can't wait to see your passport when you get home!

    I seem to recall not that long ago a post where you had your first night staying up all a car wasn't it? Has the novelty of that worn off yet?