Saturday, March 10, 2012

South Africa Welcomes Us

Today was our first day in South Africa! In the morning we went down to Boulders Beach in Cape Town and saw a colony of African penguins. They were very small! Most penguins are smaller than you think.

After Boulders Beach we went to Cape Point. At the lighthouse there were signs pointing the way to New York, Singapore, Sydney, Aukland and many more places.

On the way back we saw some baboons and two ostriches!

Our first day was really cool!! I hope the second will be just as awesome!!!


  1. Chloe,
    What an amazing day you had!! Thanks for the blog and the pictures - especially the monkey sitting on the sign post. Enjoy

  2. PENGUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hey!! I missed this one! Was it cold where you saw the penguin? Everything is black and white, there's no color anywhere! Pretty wild sights for one day!