Monday, April 16, 2012

The 3rd Thing

First a disclaimer to warn those of you with sensitivities greater than mine that you may want to.skip this one. For those who find amusement in my occasional plight I hope you enjoy.

If you pay attention to the twitter side of the page you may recall that in Africa to date I had been robbed and hit by a van. Tonight we boarded our plane to Istanbul, and I thought if I had accrued any bad luck that it would be left behind in Africa .


As we readied for takeoff I suddenly saw (and unfortunately felt) that a large amount of warm liquid was suddenly seeping through the seat of the gentleman seated in front of me. Quick reflexes meant I was unscathed except for my left sock. As we had yet to be served any refreshments I was pretty sure what the liquid was. A change of seat and some soapy water rectified the situation, but it was over dinner that it came to me.

Things really do happen in 3's.

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