Monday, April 2, 2012


When you first think of Africa what do you think of?... animals. And what animals do most people think of?... The Big 5. The Big 5 comes from hunters who came up with it. It stands for the 5 most dangerous animals to hunt. There animals are: leopard, lion, elephant, rhino and buffalo.

We saw all of these animals in just 3 hours.  That's right,.... 3 hours!!

The "elusive" leopard is often a hard spot but a hyena made it easy for us by accidentally running into the leopard's territory.  Then after realizing what he had just done came running back at top speed.  The leopard came onto the road just to make sure the hyena was gone and on the way passed right by our car.

The rhino was another of the Big 5 that we thought we wouldn't see.  Especially after our friend told us that her rhino spotting experience was of a man guarding a rhino 24/7 with an AK47 on him at all times (Madeleine).

So there you have it,.... THE BIG 5!


  1. How lucky to see a leopard moving around! Can't wait to for Mattias and Emilia to swap stories with you... Enjoy

  2. That's two more than I saw Chloe. Never got to see a rhino or a leopard. That's amazing!

    And good call on whoever decided to not let your Dad go back for a hippo moment recapture as I'm sure you've heard by now that hippos kill more people in Africa than any other animal!!!


  3. That is so cool! You'll never be able to go to a zoo again! I'm jeolous!