Friday, April 27, 2012

The Dream Becomes Reality

You know those dreams and desires you have that once you get to finally realize them, are somewhat disappointing? Somehow the reality doesn't live up to the vision you have had in your head for all of those years. Well, I was a little concerned my Turkey dream might be a grand disappointment as I've been wanting to come to Turkey for 25 years!

TURKEY did not disappoint!!  The people are, IMHO amongst the friendliest and most hospitable we have met in our travels so far. There are lots of rocks (which, if you have been reading my posts have become a bit of a fascination for me).  There are "tourist" destinations that although easy to navigate, don't feel as though they have been spoiled by our presence - Olympos and Goreme were the 2 that we made it to in our short time here. There are many activities and adventures to take part in. The prices are reasonable. The culture and history are rich.  Honestly, . .  what more could a traveler ask for?

Naturally occurring fire (from methane gas in the rocks) burn
in Chimeara near Olympos.  We saw a number of locals cooking
sausage over the flames and enjoying a mid-day picnic.
This friendly gentleman offered to share his meal when I
slowed to down to check out his cooking skills.

In Cappadoccia people carved out the soft rocks
for shelter or as a place to hide from enemies. People
no longer live in these cave homes; they have
mostly been converted into hotels or restaurants.

Climbing around the Roman Ruins in Olympos

A horse back ride through rose valley in Goreme.
About 80 balloons took to the skies in the
early morning hours in Goreme

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