Sunday, April 1, 2012

Little Things

I have blog title envy. We met Cam Brown in Coffee Bay who has a blog titled "Robert Frost is Wrong." Very cool title and matched by the content of the blog (, especially his piece on some traveling Canadians who recently gave him a lift.

We now consider ourselves safari veterans having gone out 3 times. While the guides are always enthusiastic about the prospect of seeing the elusive lion and leopard, they are also very quick to emphasize the need to take and appreciate what the bush gives you. I found that a very profound reminder of the need to appreciate what you have, as opposed to what you want.

We've also had two nights of thunderstorms in Kruger. Aside from the fear of the road washing away . It really is spectacular to see the night sky light up.

I now have a much deeper appreciation for the medicinal value of caffeine in the morning as I have developed an affinity for mochas. I apologize to all my coffee - loving friends that I have ridiculed in the past

Remember that scene from Jaws when the shark popped out of the water and scares the crap out of everyone? We had that happen to us today with a hippo as we slowly drove over a road that the adjacent "pond" was flowing over. I offered to go back for a video reenactment but was overruled.

You would think it would be a self-evident safety tip to not lean out your window to take a picture of a resting lion, but not so. I may or may not be referring to myself in this scenario.

And on that note, I am still waiting for others to join me as I relive the opening of City Slickers running from the bulls in Pamplona on July 12th. Anyone?

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