Tuesday, May 1, 2012

galmc report presents: Top 10 airlines

1. Qatar Airways- Comfortable seats, TVs, wide selection of movies for the American,German,french,Arabic, etc.. We also had a 14 hour layover and they put us in this 5 star hotel free of charge.
2. Aero Gal- For a 1 hour flight they had TVs.
3. LAN-We had our first long, long flight with them and it was a good experience.
4. Emirates- On our plane we had flight attendant's from all over.
5. South African Airways-Very, very comfortable seats.
6. Jet Star- Good seats and they rented IPAD's for entertainment.
7. Turkish Airlines-We had a 1 hour domestic flight and they fed us.
8. 1time- It's really, really good for a budget Airline.
9. Air Asia-We flew Air Asia a few times in and around southeast Asia and it's good for the 1-5 hour flights.
10. Spice Jet- Really fast last minute booking.

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  1. Chloe, wow! You know when someone has 10 favourite airlines (or even has been on 10 different airlines) that they've been places! Have fun beeing places.
    PS - are you interested in going to Wyoming this summer? Don't be looking for fancy airline food if you are!!