Monday, June 4, 2012


Often we ask each other what our favourite cities and/or countries that we have visited are. As you can suspect given the wide range of our travels, the list that we choose from is long. Yet we continually find that there are specific places that for whatever reason seem to resonate. For example, Sweden was very big for Chloe. It is now her top country, and the places we visited there are the top three on her favorite cities list. Heather even made the bold (for her) comment that she could actually see herself living in Stockholm.

So why is that? Why do Sydney and Paris resonate so strongly for me from past travels and London and now Rome, while nice to visit, are places to which I feel no draw to return?

As we spent our days wandering the city I wondered which grouping I would place it. I found my answer very quickly as we explored and experienced Barcelona over the past few days.

We stayed in an apartment just off of La Rambla, which is one of the most famous streets in Spain. Regardless of the time of day, the street always was full of people and shopping stalls

Throughout the city we discovered the living origin of "Gaudi"

The outside of the Sacra Famiglia church. Still under construction after breaking ground in 1882
The size of the church dwarfs much of Barcelona

The awe-inspiring inside. Pillars everywhere that invoke the feeling of trees.

Gaudi's samplings are seen throughout Barcelona. We visited the Parc Guell to see more of his work. This was an actual housing development done by Gaudi that for some reason did not result in a big demand by potential home buyers.

Our second day's target destination was the waterfront. We discovered the Mirador de Colum which was a great walking promenade that led us to the Barcelona aquarium.

That speck high in the air is a cable car.
While the girls were in there I wandered off to see what else I could find.

Note to self-don't stare 
Just a little something I threw together
Next stop once we were reunited was to try the cable car over to the main park of the city. Super high and super fun giving us a great look at Barcelona!

The park was home to a castle (what a surprise). An even bigger surprise was that it was free to enter and wander around in. We don't see very much of that.
Heather standing guard
I'm not sure what Chloe was aiming at

Our final day in Barcelona was highlighted by a trip to the Chocolate Museum that featured famous buildings displayed all in chocolateand an evening excursion to the Magic Fountain

After that it was time to move on from Barcelona and explore other parts of Spain. But I will be back. Actually I'm heading back there for a few post-running with the bulls beach days next month! 

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  1. How nice to have Siblings agree! I too fell in love with Spain when I was in the Costa Del Sol many years ago. I seriously thought about moving to a little village there but at the time it all seemed too complicated. Now, with electronic everything it seems so much easier. I guess I'll have to settle for a sleepy U.S. town instead!