Friday, June 8, 2012


A Day in the Sierra Nevada Mountains
I finally found something that I actually liked to do in Europe.  A day hiking in nature.  Not the urban hiking that my dad likes to do, probably because he’s so good at directions. We took a bus to the Sierra Nevada Ski Village near Granada.  When we got out of the bus it was 16 degrees and up at the top of the mountain we could see snow. (I thought the arctic circle was supposed to be like this.)  I was so excited that there was snow.  In June.  I haven’t seen that much snow in a while.  We have always been in hot weather because my parents trip goal is to stay warm.  I do NOT agree with that goal!

We started on the trail leading up to the peak.  The altitude when we started was 2500 meters above sea level.   When we stopped we were about 3000 meters above sea level.  The climb up was very steep.  The first half of the trail was a little grassy and then the second half was all rock and some snow.

On the way up we saw an abandoned observatory.  Someone said it’s really good to go inside and look at the view but I was too afraid that there would be cockroaches inside.  There was also a monument.  I don’t know what the monument was for but it looked cool.

When we stopped we were 200 meters away from the peak. Some people would say “why didn’t you go all the way to the top?” Well, that’s because you couldn’t. There were no trails leading to the very top. 

On the way down we saw some mountain goats.  At first I said to myself, “oh, why is that dirt moving?”  Then I looked a little closer and saw that it was not dirt but mountain goats.  Brown mountain goats!

The Sierra Nevada mountain climb was great.  I hope I can find another hike in Seville or Cordoba.


  1. What?! You don't agree with your parents?? Don't ever tell Simon as he might get some ideas and stray away from agreeing with everything I say!! Ha ha!

    Seriously, good for you for finding a mountain to climb. Next up, Eiffel Tower! Love Joanne

  2. You made me laugh, Chloe. I think you would look at your parents devotion to the sun differently if you were in Vancouver right now. Check out the photos from yesterday's Van Sun:

    What the photos don't convey is the temp. It's cold! Like in Oct or March!

    Enjoy the sun while you have it :)


  3. Hey, Chloe.
    I'm with you. I loved hiking in Europe. Switzerland and Scotland were a couple of favourite areas (Scotland had craggy peaks that looked like they should have been much more difficult to get to than they actually were).

    Hopefully you can find lots more adventures like that!

    See ya!