Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Where the Other Few Live

Ever since seeing that Selena Gomez movie last summer we just had to make a side-trip to explore Monaco. We wanted to see this iconic locale for ourselves, as well as answer the question of what is the difference between Monaco and Monte Carlo?

Once we figured out the local train system we were on our way. It took about an hour to go from Cannes to Monte Carlo, a lovely ride that had us hugging the shoreline of the Riviera the whole way.

Upon arrival we made our way to the Royal Palace, where we took in a bird's-eye view of the area as well as some local history.

Heather on the climb up to the castle
A statue of Francesco Grimaldi, a sneaky dude who dressed up as a monk to sneak into and capture the castle from the Germans in 1297
The view from the top - notice the boats?
The palace entrance
One of the things we noticed throughout Monaco was the presence of Grace Kelly, the famous actress who became a real-life Princess. All around we saw signs commemorating her, and in the church by the palace her gravesite was the only one with flowers.

Once we were finished at the top we moved over to see the other famous landmarks of Monte Carlo.

Le Casino de Monte-Carlo, featured in the Bond movie "Goldeneye"
Le Hotel de Paris, featured in "Monte Carlo" starring Selena Gomez
La Plage - which was built by the Prince to give his subjects a place to enjoy the sea
Aside from the fancy people in the gorgeous buildings, the other thing we discovered about Monaco is the stylish manner in which people get around, both on land and at sea.

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