Friday, July 27, 2012

Tour de Wales (and England)

We are here in Porthcawl with Jacqueline finishing off the final leg of our tour of Wales and our visits with my cousins and their children.

As some of you may know Aunt Peg, my mom's sister, was taken to Wales at a young age and grew up here with her aunt and uncle. She was married and had 3 girls by the time my mom finally met her in 1977 (at the age of 45). Their relationship quickly solidified and they wrote regularly and visited each other a number of times before they passed away.

While Paul was running with the bulls in Spain and visiting his good friend Todd and his family in France, Chloe and I took the opportunity to visit all of my Welsh cousins and meet or reacquaint ourselves with almost all of their children.

We walked along the city walls of York and discovered a little Gallilee family history in Whitby with Sarah and Ed.

We had a lovely afternoon out with Carys, Matthew and 7 month old Evelyn in Manchester. They kindly drove from Huddersfield for a visit and we were so grateful that they did!

We spent a day with Josie, Alice and 2year old Alfie visiting the science and technology centre, shopping for a Manchester City jersey for Paul (to the chagrin of Josie's husband Mark) and meeting Summer (Alice's horse).

We had a great time riding horses (well, Chloe did) and checking out castle keeps near Angela and Andrew's home in Pennygroes, Northern Wales. It was good fun playing cards and visiting with Robyn, Carys, Sophie and Rob.

A stop at Alma and Philip's in Ystrad Mynach, a short train ride from Cardiff, gave us a chance to see Helen (thanks for dinner), Fudgie and Peter. We also toured Castle Coch, big Pit mine, and enjoyed some good hikes (rambles) in the valley area. instead of riding horses Chloe got to ride in Philips cool sports car!

And that brings us to St. Fagan's and the Welsh open air museum where we met up with Jacqueline and made the transfer to her car to drive to Porthcawl. A visit with John in the Gower area and 1 final night at Jacqueline's will bring us to the end of our visit with the Welsh cousins.

We would like to thank all of our welsh relations for opening up their homes to us, showing us their Beautiful country and treating us so well. Chloe has especially enjoyed discovering a side of her family she's never known and a connection to a country that she has really enjoyed.

We will look forward to hosting you in Canada in the future.

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