Saturday, August 4, 2012

Into the Woods!

We thought it would be fun to line up for free tickets to see a shakespeare in the park play in Central Park. We had to get up really early and stay until 13:00 to get the tickets.

3:10 - Woken up and got ready.  3:35 - On our way to the big line up.  3:45 - At the big, no small line up, realizing the we could have woken up later seeing that we were the fifth group in line.  4:15 - The sixth group arrives.  5:30- Now a steady stream of people coming from the subways, taxis and streets.
3:45 am arrival
Line up starting to build at about 5:30.

6:00- Start moving from the entrance to the park where we'll be staying for another 7 hours.

9:00 - Having a nap on the makeshift bed. 10:00 - Still having a nap.

11:00 - Madeleine comes and sticks it out for the next two hours.
The long line for tickets (we're at the very front!)

13:00- At last Our tickets!!!!

20:00- The show starts.  Just found out that we're sitting behind Meryl Streep!!!

23:00- The show ends. It was really good and a little funny!!!


  1. Hi chloe, good blog post. Got a great feel for your long day to get tix for the central park show. Especially like the one of u sleeping. Hope your parents didn't make you sleep on the street too much during your voyage!

  2. OMG! What a long day that was. Good thing you were able to get some sleep on the way!