Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The First Long Drive

Left Calgary yesterday after a fun and exhausting day exploring Drumheller Alberta (dinosaur capital of Canada) and the nearby Hoodoo's (funky rock formations that Heather is now obsessed with) while experiencing temperatures in the high 30's. Yes....we finally found some sun.

Our last night in Calgary had us experiencing lakeside luxury after a nice dinner at my cousin's home. Her house is close to a man-made lake that homes were then built around. It's a surprisingly big lake - very impressive.

Then it was time to embrace the road. We headed out early. Unfortunately, as is the case on many road trips, you can't always see everything. In this case that meant we had to cancel our drive through of the "Star Trek Capital of Canada"......Vulcan Alberta. No problems with getting through the border, although I was surprised to be asked if we were smuggling in cocaine and/or marijuana. Drove through a cool lightning storm before a Burger King dinner in Billings Montana(ugh - should have not ordered the double whopper) and the final push through to our destination of Gillette Wyoming.


  1. Chloe, what happened to the Montana sign? Braiden wants to know what the coolest thing in Drumheller was. Let us know.

  2. The hoodoos were the coolest. You could climb on them to the top. Liked the worlds largest dinosaur

  3. PMac - at least this time you weren't smuggling Grandma with you across the border. WE MISS YOU!