Tuesday, July 26, 2011

LIFE . . .

(Species come and species go.  The only constant in life on earth is change.)
I took this picture at the dinosaur museum in Drumheller the day before Dad died. 

As most of you have heard by now, my darling Dad (never Father) passed away on July 19th.  Paul, Chloe and I were driving into Gillette to visit with Cathrine and her family when we got word that he had been taken to the hospital.  Patty and Rick called to let us know he had passed about 2 minutes after we walked in the door at Cathrine's.   As always,  Dad had made sure that his family was supported and taken care of - we all had a family member to lean on during this sad time.

For those of you who knew my dad, please be comforted, as  I am, by the knowledge that he was ready to go.  His health had been failing and his quality of life was greatly diminished.

I am also greatly comforted knowing that he had lived a wonderful life.  
See you,... manana!

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