Friday, July 15, 2011

Impressions of Banff

Being in Banff is very much like being in Whistler. Tourists everywhere (including us), every kind of name-brand shop, many bars/clubs, and a generous helping of Australian accents. Met some people from a Chicago suburb and also from Florida. They all appeared to pack better than me, as they were suitably attired for the rain and cool air. Kept running into groups doing a scavenger hunt in downtown Banff. Most wanted to tape Jessy sitting on command. She was a big hit. Thought it would be funny to be in the room when they all realize that most of them taped the same dog.

Had a nice trip to the Banff Hot Spring. Was struck by how all the promo art shows a peaceful zen-like environment where you can soak and simultaneously commune with the natural awesomeness of the Rockies. Then you get there and realize that the place is packed.

Had some golf withdrawal yesterday, as I could see the Banff Springs course from the Hoodoo's viewing point. But $225 plus rental of everything really wasn't going to happen. Maybe in PEI. Course looks beautiful though - apparently it is the host site for this year's Telus Skins Game.

Time to pack and explore what's between Banff and Calgary before we check out the Stampede this weekend.


  1. All those doggy treats and obedience lessons are finally paying off! This could be a great opportunity; you should reconsider leaving Jessie in Canada. She could be a great ambassador for the family! ;)

  2. I've always secretly suspected that the GalMc "World Trip" would in fact be spent in a basement in Lynn Valley, with "pictures" taken in front of a green screen and "experiences" simply being a cut-and-paste from various Wiki geographic entries. I now know that this is true. As soon as I saw Paul's reference to "Jessy sitting on command", I realized that this whole world trip must be a scam. Jessy does not sit on command. I believe the only command that she recognizes is "ACT WILD AND CRAZY". So, nice one, guys. See you in the Demo Forest.

  3. Hey Paul, Joe went to the Open at Shaugnessy today. It was absolutely spectacular, a RBC VIP pass, incredible golf plus free food and drinks, etc., etc., As I write this, he`s passed out on the bed !:)