Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Searching for Moose

We saw these signs from Ontario on. Mom really, really wanted to see a moose. We were looking constantly. On the hike... no moose. On the drive... no moose.

Finally we saw one on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. It almost got hit by a car. It was a mama and its baby.


  1. Mooses or Meese? What's the deal with that Missy?

  2. Its moose, same as the plural of deer is deer.

    But, to make it more confusing,... the plural of moose is moose but the plural of goose is geese. The plural of mouse is mice, while the plural of house is houses. These don't really make sense when compared to each other but that is the uniqueness of the English language.

  3. Nice pictures of the moose signs . Nice story too , how did he or she hit the mom and baby moose almost get hit ? was it right beside you . have to go know, Melissa

  4. they were just driving along and the moose came out of nowhere.