Friday, September 30, 2011

Adios Cusco

We have now said adios to Cusco and have hit the road for a week-long trip through the southern part of Peru. One of the things I have learned is that "adios" is what you say if you will not be seeing someone/something for a long time. Otherwise you use "chow."

One of the things I am finding is that it is hard to properly reflect on what is in the rear-view mirror on a trip like this because you seem to always have something significant coming up in front of you (I hoo). I hope that what I have seen in Pumamarca and the experience of working and interacting with the community is one that will provide me with a little better perspective on any challenge that arises once we return home and I inevitably complain about some aspect of everyday life. I do know that I am now fortunate to have new friends in New York, San Diego, South Africa, and Sweden (according to Chloe Sweden is now on the trip itinerary)

But now it's onto other things. We just finished touring Arequipa (very impressive and love the hotel except that we are back to wifi being more miss than hit) and had our trip to Lake Titicaca (which Heather will write about far more eloquently than I). The next couple of days are the Colca Canyon (apparently deeper than the Grand Canyon) and, at last, sandboarding at the dunes of Ica. I am sure there will be video footage of me either looking uber-cool or having one (or more) tremendous wipeouts. We shall see.

Tuesday we catch a flight from Lina to our next destination.....Cartagena Columbia! I downloaded "Romancing The Stone" for Chloe so she can be properly briefed.

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