Wednesday, October 5, 2011

There is more to Peru than Machu Pichu

5 unforgettable things about the Inca trail and Machu Pichu-
5 hours of unforgettable up
4000 well remembered stars from the first campsite
3 sleepless nights in a tent
2 hands gripping onto a bush
1 well used, ripped and tattered poncho

In Cusco we had guinea pig and it was gross!!! We had guinea pig because it is a specialty in Peru. We drove 40 minutes to get there and it was a hole in the wall run down place. One of the things that got my dad thru it was beer.
In Ica we went sandboarding but the crazy part of it was the drive to get there. The more we screamed the faster he would go and the more hills and bumps he would go over. The sandboarding was fun. On one of the hills you could get up to 80 km per hour. WOW!

The Colca Canyon near Arequipa was very cool because of the condors in it. The condors have the second biggest wingspan of all the birds in the world. And the hot springs in the Canyon were way better than the ones in Banff.

lake Titicaca was very fun. We stayed with a family on one of the none floating islands with a family. The floating islands of Uros were cool but they were very touristy and you could notice it. I know that Amantani Island where we stayed was touristy but it didn't feel like it. Plus we took the "traditional" reed boat between two islands in Uros. We were going so slowly that a speed boat had to push the reed boat. (Not so traditional.)


  1. What a wonderful entry Chloe. It truly gave me the sense of being there. You have such a great sense of humour! Keep em coming baby!

  2. Chloe

    Love your Five Unforgettable Things..
    I'm with your Dad on the Beer Chasers
    after Guinea Pig...

    Whats you favorite meal lately

    Did anyone take a picture of the Reed Boat?


    How's the beer?