Friday, September 9, 2011

I Blame Todd

I am very fortunate to be able to have Todd Croll as one of my closest and longest friends. He is without a doubt the smartest person I have ever known, plus he has a creative side that can be very entertaining.

Case in point - When we left Vancouver he gave me an envelope with a symbol on the outside to act as a clue to a destination in Cusco Peru, which he had visited in 1998. There were specific instructions to not open the envelope until Cusco.

This symbol became an item of great debate in the volunteer house, with many theories as to where it could be found. Ancient churches, sports teams, jails, town halls - lots of ideas were floated until at least we figured it out. The logo represented the Cross Keys Pub in Cusco. So in order to celebrate solving this mystery (and say goodbye to a member of the Peru's Challenge team), the whole house headed out for a social evening.

Once we arrived at the Pub we opened the envelope to discover that Todd had graciously provided some Peruvian money to enable us to sample what he described as the best Pisco Sour in South America. So it was Pisco Sours all around. Because when the train comes in...everybody rides.

Then a round of drinks turned into Happy Hour (which featured mojitos that went down really, really well), which turned into a trip to a Peruvian bar for "locals", then off to a local bar/disco where we saw a bouncer who was straight out of the Matrix, until we finally got back to the house in the wee hours.

Now you may be thinking that this is not necessarily a bad thing. And it wasn't, except for all of us having to wake up early, ride up a dusty, bumpy road to the local village, and teach all while suffering from varying degrees of hangoveritis.

I blame Todd for a very generous gift which resulted in a very memorable night (and a bit of a painful morning)

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  1. Hi Paul
    This is hilarious. It's Friday night, we're having a martini and I'm reading your blog to Joe. What a hoot. Your friend Todd is very creative and we want to go there. Is there a Peruvian cure for hangoveritis?