Monday, September 12, 2011

The Sacred Valley

The sacred valley is called the sacred valley because the river makes the ground wet and plants can grow really well.

We got in the bus around 10:00 Saturday morning and drove about an hour to our first stop in Chinchero. It was a big town around a church. We saw a demonstration of how they dyed the wool the "all natural" way.

Then we went to the second place called Ollantaytambo. It was a place where the messengers could stop to sleep. When we were there we climbed at least 200 steps to the top. Then to get to the bottom we went down a steep trail.

After that we drove to the hotel in Pisac and rested. On Sunday morning we went to the Pisac ruins. It was really cool but it was windy and rainy the whole time and me and my dad were wearing shorts!!!

After that we went to the Pisac Market. It was really cool because of all the stuff there!!! The market was huge and there were blankets stalls, music stores, clothing (happy pants), jewelry stores and much more. I loved my weekend!

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