Friday, October 7, 2011

Amantani Island - Lake Titicaca

Our visit to Lake Titicaca included a morning walking around Taquile Island and then an overnight stay on Amantani Island.
Strolling up from the dock on Taquile Island.  It was a glorious
day and all of the views were stunning!

We were not sure what we were getting into when we agreed to stay with a family on Amantani Island but were assured by several people that it would be a wonderful experience - and it was!!
Here we are with Clara, our Mama for the time we were on Amantani Island.  She is wearing the
traditional clothing worn by the women of the island.

We were dressed up in the traditional clothing and taken to a dance at the community hall that evening.
Chloe and Paul were out on the dance floor groovin' to the Peruvian rhythm, learning how to dance in a traditional Peruvian fashion.  I was very proud!
Clara in the kitchen with her two children: Mario (5 years old) and Jimmy (9 years old).  We had a lot of fun playing soccer and frisby with them.  Paul even tried to teach them how to juggle!  We ate a LOT of potatoes during our short stay.  I don't think we've touched a potato since!!

In the morning we hiked up to one of the two temples located on the top of the island.  We had an amazing view and, after walking around the temple 3 times, were allowed to make 1 wish (if you make too many wishes, they will not be granted).

Amantani Island was a fantastic experience for all of us.  It was really great to have a small glimpse into the lives of one group of people in Peru.  Although this was a typical stop on the tourist route, it did not feel as though the tourists have harmed their society.  Their way of life has certainly been changed by tourism but it didn't feel as though their culture had been tarnished.  

In her most recent blog post, Chloe has shared a small glimpse into the negative effects of tourism that we saw on the floating islands of Uros - high pressure sales, songs that do not reflect their culture (as with the child singing twinkle, twinkle little star) and the send off of "Hasta la vista bebe" as we sailed off on a traditional reed boat that ended up being pushed by a motorized dingy.

 Peruvians are truly an amazing people - they are friendly, hard working, grateful for what they have and very welcoming.  This short visit was yet another demonstration of the amazing Peruvian culture!


  1. All I want to know is if Paul got to keep his poncho. I will have to have him demonstrate the dance when he visits! Chloe of course looked like an angel! Sounds like Peru was a real winner and I hope you have many more locations with such a success.

  2. Cathy & Real: total deja vu! We also spent a night on Amanti Island and enjoyed the same experience. Very rustic.