Thursday, October 27, 2011

birds,bugs and more!

1. from the city to the jungle I've noticed it takes a half an hour plane ride, 2 hours in a hot and mugy truck and a 4 hour motorized canoe ride to get COMPLETELY out in wildlife. So 6 & a half hours to get out out in the amazon wildlife, pretty far!

2. I hate bugs I really do hate creepy crawlies, insects...I realized that once I saw the big huge bees & wasps especially when I walked in our room and found a cockroach approaching my dads toiletry bag.

3. Aw! One of the insects I really do love... Butterflies! They are so cool & colorful and they eat other bugs!

4. Our guide fernando cool dude is very passionate about what he does. We were basicaly the only people there the other person there Mike. He went there 15 times already so he pretty much did his own thing. One day we were just at a viewpoint when Fernando just goes dashing off with his camera...He had just saw a bird that he hadn't even seen before.

5. We acually went perawna fishing and I thought perawnas were pur carnavors. It turns out they aren't they acually can turn into vegatarians and I didn't notice their teeth first I noticed their red eyes. Me and my mom cought perawnas and my dad... He cought a sardeen fish it was a big fish but still not a perawna.


  1. Great pictures Chloe, can't believe you caught a piranha - I would be much too scared to get that close to one! Looks like you're having an amazing time! x

  2. Hi Chloe ...not a bad science lesson! I hear you about the bugs, especially the cockroaches, they're kind of prehistoric looking. The smug site is down this morning, ii'll check out some of your photos later. Is your mom sharing the camera:) Can't believe you've been away four months already. Deb