Thursday, October 20, 2011

What The Island Taught Me...

Things I learned from our voyage thru the Galapagos Islands:

1) It is really hard to look cool while wearing a lifejacket

2) When the driver of the boat says duck you should do as he requests

3) The word "booby" has a whole different meaning than what I am used to

4) Pay attention to what is happening on deck

5) Try to ignore fear and just say yes to stuff (except if the stuff involves skydiving or bungy-jumping. Then embrace the fear)

6) I could totally be a sea lion if there is a next life

7) And this is a big one....always check the inside of your bathing suit if you left it on deck to dry before putting it on. That way areas of your body can be spared a painful encounter with what was the Galapagos version of a wasp

8) Enjoy the sunsets


  1. I don't know about #1. You and Chloe look pretty darn cool in those life jackets. Glad you had such a great time!

  2. Re #2
    Boat drivers in Galapagos are asking for trouble when they choose to call out the word "duck" to protect passengers. Shouldn't they be saying that when they see flocks of feathered creatures and "lower your head" when passengers safety is at risk?

    Just sayin'!

  3. sooo jealous right about now! How fantastic and what fun. Love the post.

  4. Bernie says "ooooow! and then chuckling... Is that a wasp in your pocket or...?"

  5. So jealous, it's pouring here. It all looks so fantastic . The blue feet are amazing!