Monday, November 7, 2011

Chile(ing) Out in Valparaiso

I think (actually I know) we hit the wall when we got to Chile It may have had something to do with the flight here. We had to leave the Buenos Aires hostel at 3:00 AM, and when we got to the airport (there are two airports in BA - bet you know what happens next) ....we were told we had to go to the other one. Important travelling lesson. Just because you are taking an international flight, and you know which of the two airports is supposedly "international", remember to check your confirmation.

Anyway, after heading to the second airport via the world's most conservative cab driver, we hit Santiago. Immediately we had traveller lesson number two....check how much the reciprocity fee is to enter a country before you make plans to go there. $130/person for us to enter Chile (compared to $75 for Argentina). But at least our fee is good for the life of the passport. Ha.

We spent a couple of days walking around Santiago, highlighted by a trip up the funicular to a vantage point high above Santiago to see "Subida a la Virgen" and the view of the city

After a couple of days we decided to escape the big city and head to the coast to check out the artistic oceanside mecca called Valparaiso. We quickly realized this was the ideal spot to just chill out and wind down our South American adventure. The colors and local art made walking around a real pleasure.

Adios South America. Hola Australia!

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  1. Hi guys. Love the blog. Just figured out how to comment. This is only a test. Actually Scott's doing it and I'm watching. More to come. Admiring your discipline to travel like mad but still blog about it.