Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A few things we learned in South America

We are sitting at the airport in Santiago, Chile waiting for a plane to take us to Sydney, Australia and reflecting on our time in South America.  We've really enjoyed our stay and have seen and done more than we ever imagined.

There are a few tips we can pass along to all:

1. It is advisable to run, not walk across roads - especially when the light is about to turn yellow! (or the little man on the crossing sign begins to run!!)

2.   Although there are many dogs 'hangin' around, eating the garbage or sleeping on the street, occasionally barking at passersby, you can't assume they are strays.  They are often sticking close to home making sure all is secure.

 3.   The spanish you learn in Peru may be quite different from that spoken in Columbia, Argentina or Chile.  Good luck!

4.  Seatbelts are not mandatory!!

5.  Horns are honked often and for a variety of purposes. - to say thanks, get out of the way before I run you down, you cut me off you %^#%$!!!

6.  You don't have to say "No Gracious!" to every single street vendor you see.  It's okay to just ignore them and move along.  They will eventually leave you alone.

7.  Appreciate a warm shower when you get it.  Don't worry about the pressure or the length of said heat - just be thankful!

8. Enjoy your time meeting the people, appreciating the culture and admiring the natural surroundings.  We have!!!

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  1. You have a trillion more guts than I'll ever have. Your photos are exceptional. Thank you for keeping us so well informed of your journey. You seem a little closer when we can see you smiling faces in these terrific pics.