Thursday, December 29, 2011

Blue Lagoon

Chloe has been itching to go snorkelling since we arrived here in Bali but there never seemed to be a good time.  "It is cloudy so you won't see much" the driver told us the first day we suggested going snorkelling.
It's the rainy season here in Bali!
"There was a heavy rain last night so the sand will be all stirred up and you won't see much" he replied the next day.  "There was a heavy rain last night and this morning so there will be lots of garbage from the river in the bay," was the last answer we were given, to which we replied, "Let's just go and look."  We threw our masks and snorkels in the back at the last minute just in case!

By the time we arrived at Blue Lagoon the rain had ceased, the water was fairly calm in the bay and there weren't too many people at the beach.  Perfect!  We stripped down, put on our masks and snorkels and waded into the warm water.  We swam about 3 meters from the beach and we found ourselves in an underwater paradise.

We were all in heaven and having practiced our diving over the past few weeks, we even looked like we knew what we were doing!  (Well, at least 2 out of 3 of us did,... I'm not sure what ballet I was trying to perform!)

By the time we were finished our fun, the sun was shining and the crowds were beginning to arrive so we took our leave of Blue Lagoon with a much better understanding of the abundant life and beauty that lies just beneath the surface!


  1. Beautiful...the fish and you! Is it pretty warm there? Where are you staying? It's been pouring most of this week so lots of reading and walking the dogs.

  2. It is very warm here! We are staying at Cucukan beach at the Villa l'Orange - you should be able to find pictures at their site. We are in the Superior Villa. It has been an amazing location for our holiday from traveling. We are usually in hostels or guest houses - we try and stay at the cheaper but still reasonably clean option. Although it rains almost every day here, it only lasts for 2 hours max. and it hasn't stopped us from doing anything.