Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year 2012

Can't quite believe it's 2012 - well, for us anyhow.  Most of you are still sleeping or possibly planning your party or deciding what to wear and where to bring in the new year, or perhaps enjoying a drink or two awaiting the moment when you can crack open the champagne and kiss your family and friends.

Happy New Year to all of our friends and family (and to those of you who we don't know but have somehow found our blog)!  We love you loads and wish you were here to celebrate with us! xoxo


  1. By the looks of things, I wish I was there to help you celebrate! What an amazing place to be for the holidays. Happy 2012 to all of you and wishing you a marvelous continuation of the footloose & fancy-free fun and adventure! We're all living vicariously through you. x0x0x

  2. I second that motion about living vicariously ... what memories you are creating!