Monday, December 5, 2011

Fraser Island

One of my travel regrets from 20 years ago was not making enough time (or trying harder to come up with the money) to enable me to experience the largest sand island in the world, Fraser island. So I was fairly excited (although I tried to keep my expectations low - thank you Matt) when we got to Hervey beach and booked our day tour. What followed was a day-long odyssey that featured:

The Good:

- amazing to walk around and think that at its base all around you it is just sand.
- 4 wheel driving on 75 mile beach and experiencing the shipwreck, hang around in Eli's creek and explore sand dunes

- seeing wild dingo's up close (and spending all day successfully resisting saying "a dingo ate my baby")

- swimming in Lake McKenzie.

- meeting a nice couple from the UK who years ago did what we are doing with their son.

The Not So Good:

- being in a 7 person tour that is crammed into a Toyota SUV with minimal leg room. And you are in the back seats experiencing every last sand-created bump in the trail
- the weather. Sunshine would have been nice, but at least it didn't pour rain
- being crammed in a 7-person SUV and fighting being car sick all day long
- that picture of me underwater in Lake McKenzie that Chloe shared in her post. At least I wasn't wearing a pink stinger suit this time,

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