Monday, December 5, 2011

We May Have Neglected to Mention....

Here's a sampling of some photos that for one reason or another didn't make the first cut for any of the Aussie posts so far:

I took a little timeout while we were in Sydney to go Melbourne for the day to watch the opening matches of the 2011 Presidents Cup. This is a golf competition that pits Team USA against an International Team made up of golfers from everywhere except Europe (sadly no Canadian representation this year).

It was very cool to enable my inner sports geek to follow this guy around and see him perform in person

On the flight from Sydney to Cairns the inevitable happened. One of our backpacks (mine) did not make it to Cairns with us. Thankfully the Cairns night markets were operating so I could pick up a bathing suit for the next morning trip to the Great Barrier Reef, and the hostel took pity on me and gave me a complimentary t-shirt. You can judge for yourself whether a fashion crime was committed

The Atherton Tablelands yielded a cool pop cultural tidbit. We saw the actual mountain that was the focus of Midnight Oil's "King of the Mountain" song.

We also were able to beat the heat by going swimming in a couple of places, one where Chloe proved yet again she is way braver than I was when I was ten.

In the other we attempted with little success to emulate famous shampoo commercial models. You can judge for yourself but we think Heather came closest

On the whole I think we adjusted well to being back on the road. But every once in a while we would come across something uniquely Australian that it took us a bit to figure out

We have seen a lot of "big" things on this trip, but I never expected to see something like this and not be in a museum setting.

When I was here before one of the ironic parts was that I never saw an alive wild kangaroo or koala. Thankfully we have rectified that this time around as you can see in Chloe's post

And speaking of my daughter, I can neither confirm nor deny that the reason she has such as pained expression in this photo may have something to do with an impromptu clothing optional swim that took place on our caravan tour.

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  1. Nice hair flip PMac, though it looks more like you are being attacked by a crocodile.