Saturday, December 24, 2011

G'Bye Oz

Apologies (especially to Tegan) for slacking on the blog. Who knew that Wifi would be such a foreign concept to the northern part of Western Australia. I have been amazed at many things this trip, and one of them is that wifi was way more accessible (and free) in South America than in Australia.

Anyway, we had a fantastic last 10 days in WA. At final tally we had driven our little Mitsubishi rental over 3,100 km in the 10 days we had it. Thankfully we got more organized and only had to spend the one night sleeping in it.

After getting up close and personal with the dolphins in Bunbury we proceeded to head north. First stop was Penguin Island, which we though should be renamed Pelican Island after we finished exploring its rocky shore

We then continued up the coast to a community called Cervantes where we entered the weird desert world of the Pinnacles

We discovered once there that the environment provided us with some unique abilities. For example, Chloe was able to shrink herself down...

And I was able to leap tall rocks in a single bound......

Past the Pinnacles we came across numerous sand dunes. Finally I cracked and had to see what was on top of one.

Our second to last stop was Dongarra, where we chilled out, learned some music and watch the sunset

We ended up getting as far north as Kalbarri, where we experienced pink lakes, nature's window and blue hole before making our way back to Perth.

Just like that the Australian part (and 3rd continent) of our trip was done. Now it's onto Bali for some Christmas rest and relaxation


  1. Tegan says "thanks" for the new entries. Everyone is busy packing up from Camp for a quick departure for Boxing Day shopping! Happy Boxing Day!

  2. ...also, LOVE mini Chloe! Should make the next plane trip less expensive now that she can fit in your carry-on luggage.