Friday, December 16, 2011

Some things I love about WA

The Rocks
Natural Bridge - Augusta

Elephant Rocks - Denmark

Wave Rock - Hyden
Jewel Cave

The Animals
(the first 2 were on a farm, the others we saw as we were driving, swimming or walking along)

Emu at the Pentland animal farm
We did see wild emus in a field but we were much too far away for a photo

Camel at Pentland animal farm near Denmark
we've been told there are wild camels in Australia but we haven't seen any

 Kangaroos near Augusta

A Dolphin that swam by me in Bunbury (could have touched it!)

A ray in Hamelin Bay

The People


  1. The wave rock is amazing and love the perfectly named elephant rocks. How cool it is to be able to get so close to animals we always see in books! You are all so brown and healthy looking. Off for the holidays wishing I was somewhere hot. Katie arrived yesterday, so happy to have her home. She's talking about going on an exchange to Australia next year:)

  2. Have met lots of university students here on an exchange. Would be fantastic!!

  3. You folks are amazing
    Love the Wave Rock
    Can't wait for pix from Bali
    Hope you have a cozy cool Yule in what will undoubtedly be one of your most memorable Christmases
    excuse me while I go test drive the slotcar racing track for the grandsons ;-}

    granny franny & poppa regular

  4. AND

    I have never seen a family' embrace new technologies in such an incredible way.
    You are all wonderful writers and photographers.Be it phone calls, emails, tweets or blogs its great to share your experiences.
    You are creating a fabulous record to enjoy for years to come....