Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What a Day

Here's a brief synopsis of our last 36 (give or take) hours:

9:00 AM - successfully pick up rental car. Chloe thrilled to have back seat to herself after having to be up front with us during the caravan era.

10:30 AM - navigate our way out of Perth to the horse ranch. Spend a proud parent hour watching Chloe do her horse lesson. Desperately try to avoid having local flies clog up various facial orifices

12:00 noon - hit the road for Hyden Australia, home of the Wave Rocks. Figured out how to hook up IPOD's with car stereo system. Chloe staged a music coup.

4:00 PM - checked out Wave Rock (very cool - no Wifi right now so you will have to take my word for it as can't upload photos). Checked out Hyden accomodation prices. Not cool. Hit the road for Lake Grace.

5:13 PM - saw wild kangaroos.

7:30 PM - got to Lake Grace. Accomodation prices there (roadhouse motel that is combined with gas station and "restaurant")really not cool. Decided to keep driving to Albany (250 km away). Fortified resolve with Red Bull.

7:42 PM - darkness settles across the land, combined with heavy rain and lightening. Good times.

11:00 PM - all of 6 vehicles passed us the other way over 250 km of road. Arrived in Albany intact.

11:15 PM - struck out on 4th attempt to get motel room for the nite. Parked compact Mitsubishi car on side street for the nite and decided to sleep in car.

4:00 AM - Chloe wakes up in backseat. Heather explains that we are sleeping in the car tonight. Chloe decides to score major brownie points and simply goes back to sleep.

5:15 AM - up and at'em before the locals realize we are there. Time to find a bathroom.

5:30 AM - found bathroom at Middleton beach. Heavy wind and very cold. Encountered two Aussie senior citizens who proudly declared that they were going swimming. Unfortunately used my outside voice to call them insane.

6:13 AM - breakfast of champions in Hungry Jacks (Australian Burger King)

8:32 AM - checked out the rock and the gap. Natural rock formations - not the names of professional wrestlers. Heather takes the wheel for her inaugural Australian driving experience. Confidence is high.

11:17 AM - arrived unscathed in Denmark Australia

12:47 PM - found Chocolate cafe in Denmark. Had awesome hot chocolate. Tried to ignore what it cost.

1:38 PM - arrived at local game farm. got up close and personal with some kangaroos and even a camel.

2:22 PM - found the elephants. more cool rocks. Lamented how crappy weather today was impacting beach time

3:40 PM - found ourselves 40 meters above the ground on a walkway looking at trees. tried to not look down or think about safety limits for number of people on platforms that one family was conveniently choosing to ignore.

4:40 PM - arrived at hostel in Walpole Australia. Population 400. Safe at last. Celebrated with white wine and Kraft dinner.

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