Friday, January 6, 2012

Idle Thoughts on Gili Air

Little things that have crossed my mind during our stay on Gili Air:

- there's a large group of Russian travellers at the place where we are staying. Listening to actual Russian being spoken is surprisingly interesting. Thought about bragging about Olympic hockey gold but then the World Juniors happened.

- Gili Air is now my default destination for hiding out immediately after winning the lottery to get my head together. No cars and you can still get internet. Interesting mash-up between the new school and the old

- I have gone cold turkey on my chocolate milk addiction. Sadly I was up to 2-3 containers a day in Australia.

- finished Keith Richards "Life." Good read.

- can't believe I have gone the whole trip without losing or breaking my crappy pair of sunglasses. I'm sure I have jinxed it now.

- People say Chinese food in China is completely different than the Chinese food we get at home. I wonder if it's the same with Thai food?

- we have come across many signs here advertising places with magic mushrooms for sale in various forms. Just another example of how I know I am no longer in Canada.

- nice to see the Canucks playing better. Big statement game coming up in Beantown. Sadly I will be on a plane to Phuket and will have to catch the score later (must resist urge to insert happy face icon).

- RIP Life is Good beach towel. You were a valued companion on this journey. I'm a little jealous that you get to stay behind on Gili Air.


  1. Hey, you'll find it is the same with Thai food, it's lovely, but it doesn't come all pretty and presented on your place like it does in most of the western world. I live on Gili Air and you're right it's a wonderful place, glad you enjoyed your time here. Cheers, Dante

  2. Never heard of Gili Air so look forward to a google search. Just survived 2days of west coast style monsoons -be glad you're on a plane to Phuket! Jmac

  3. Pmac - just to let you know the Canucks beat those stinkin dirty bruins in their own building today 4-3. Very satisfying though I'm still not over the finals from last year. Schneider played well in goal - the fans were chanting 'we want Luongo' haha. Salo, not surprisingly, got hurt.


  4. Hey guys,

    Just spent an hour looking at your blog posts......what a trip! Looks like you are having an amazing time and I can't wait to see more posts.

    Happy Trails!

    Joe "the dog walker"

  5. Hey Joe, good to hear from you!

    Hope the cafe and dog walking businesses continue to go well. Jessy will be back on the trail next September so we'll be getting in touch!

  6. Really enjoying living vicariously through your exploits! Just an amazing trip!

  7. Hey, on the sunglasses thing - my experience has been that the only way to jinx sunglasses is to buy really good quality polarized pair - then you're sure to sit on them or leave them behind on some coffe table somewhere.
    Some place in this great wide world, there is an island where all the lost sunglasses are hanging out in the shade. Let us know if you come across it.