Monday, January 9, 2012

In answer to your questions

We have had several people e-mail and ask us questions such as:  How are you enjoying traveling?  Are there things you miss from home?  Are you sick of living out of a suitcase?  The quick response is along the lines of, "we're having an amazing time" or "family and friends" or "not yet".

Tomorrow we will have been on the road for six-months so as a way of answering your questions and marking our milestone, following are a few things we have learned to really appreciate (when we get them).  These are in no particular order but as they popped into our heads.

1. Warm showers with good water pressure

One of our fancier bathrooms (Bali)
2. Drinkable tap water

3.  Transfers ( having someone waiting for us at our destination holding a little sign with one of our names on it, or a close representation of said name)

Our most unique (and bumpiest) transfer to date - Cidomo on Gili Air

4.  Comfortable mattresses with clean sheets

5.  Air conditioned vehicles 

6.  Menus translated into english &/or menus with pictures of the dishes

7.  Reliable WIFI

8.  Hostels
Dongara  Backpackers Hostel - one of our favourites so far.

9.  Motion sickness medication

10. Clean clothes

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  1. Congratulations on the 6 month anniversary! It really puts time into perspective when you think about it. For instance: today I slept in, did a load of laundry and had breakfast while my brother was busy being insane getting a tattoo in Bangkok. That last bit is a phrase I truly thought I would never say. What's next, Heather dies her hair black and cuts it all off? Or Chloe simply decides to never laugh again? Madness......