Thursday, March 1, 2012

From the Archives - Camel Safari

Yep - elephant riding was not enough. While in Jaisalmer we went off one night to experience a camel safari plus dinner and some entertainment in the Sam Desert.

What we discovered was the actual riding of the camel was fairly straight forward (especially when you are being guided by Abdul and his little brother). It's the getting up and down that can be a bit wit:

After the ride was over we were led back to the camp where we got to watch the pre-dinner show. You know that moment when you can see the dancer surveying the crowd looking for a good "victim" to bring up to the stage? As the only non-Indian people in the audience we kind of stood out, and I suspected it was inevitable. I was right. Thankfully there are only blurred, darkened photos of my poor attempts to show that white men can dance. However, the same cannot be said for when the dancer brought Heather and her audience neighbor to the stage.


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    1. I think your hand must have slipped Miss Glover,... 2 "ha"s would have been plenty!!